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My Town Pinless

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My Town
Access Numbers
Access Number (s)
Location Access Number (s) Language
USA 1-612-605-9188 English
USA 1-817-458-0242 English
USA 1-612-605-9188 English
USA 1-646-224-1365 English
USA 1-855-881-7534 English
Canada 1-905-674-6417 English

Customer Service

(952) 392-3895

For connection problem, lost credits, call the customer service. However, email us at info@callontime.com for invalid PIN, feedback, etc.

Pinless Dialing Instruction

1. Dial the access number and enter your calling card PIN #.
2. Press ** and follow the prompt
3. Press 5 to register your phone number to make it pinless..

Calling Instruction

Calling Instructions for Making Calls From the U.S.:

  • Dial Toll Free or Local Access Number Provided
  • Enter PIN when prompted.
  • For calls within United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, Dial 1 + Country Code + Area Code + Number.
  • For calls to any other country, dial 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Number.
Terms From Manufacturer

International calls made to cellular phones are billed at higher rates. A 99 payphone surcharge applies with toll free access. Rates are published based on local access number. When using toll free access number please add: 1.5/min for calls originated from the continental USA and US Virgin Islands, 3/min from Hawaii or Puerto Rico, and 20/min from Alaska. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Card expires after 90 days from first use. Service is provided by Tier 1 carriers.

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