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Access Numbers
Toll Free Access Number (s)
Location Access Number (s) Language
USA (Continental) 1-800-341-6383 English
USA (Continental) 1-800-364-4015 Espanol
USA (Continental) 1-800-290-3228 Vietnamese
USA (Continental) 1-800-296-7174 Tag
USA (Continental) 1-800-299-6147 Polish
USA (Continental) 1-800-299-6189 Portuguese
USA (Continental) 1-800-301-2083 Swahili
USA (Continental) 1-800-237-1495 English
USA (Continental) 1-800-237-6179 Espanol

Always use local access number if available for maximum minutes. For this calling card, local access numbers are available from AL, AR, CO, FL, HI, ID, IN, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, OK, TX, & UT.

Find Local Access Number (s)

Name of the Phone Card:
Select U.S. State, Canadian Province or Country:
Enter U.S. Area Code:

Important: When you are using cell phone, it is IMPORTANT that users DO NOT PRESS ‘SEND’ or ‘TALK’ buttons after entering the destination number. This precaution will help you avoid being billed for international calls unintentionally.

Customer Service

(952) 392-3895

For connection problem, lost credits, call the customer service. However, email us at support@callontime.com for invalid PIN, feedback, etc.

PINless Dialing Instruction

A. This card provides option to setup the PINless dialing when you first dial the access number.

B. When you are done with the PIN, just re-buy another PIN. When you dial the access number, it will prompt to refill. Easy!

Calling Instruction

Calling Instructions for Making Calls From the U.S.:

  • Dial Toll Free or Local Access Number Provided
  • Enter PIN when prompted.
  • For calls within United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, Dial 1 + Country Code + Area Code + Number.
  • For calls to any other country, dial 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Number.

Terms & Conditions

Rates are published based on using a local access number. Use of 800 # will incur an additional charge 0.01 per minute. Rates and fees are subject to change without notice by the service provider. Card does not expire unless the service provider discontinues the card. A surcharge of $1 applies to each call from a payphone. Service is provided by Krush Communications.

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